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Are you ready to have more freedom in your life?

As a certified Cognomovement Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am dedicated to assist you in bringing more balance and wholeness into your life. I am available locally in Cedar City or worldwide via Zoom!

What is Cognomovement?

Cognomovement is a cognitive movement exercise system that is designed for the quick and powerful change of chronic problems and patterns. This system is useful for a wide range of problems that people experience daily including cravings, habits, cycling thought patterns, stress, relationship issues, low energy, moods and more.


This system creates powerful positive outcomes for it’s users like, more energy, boosted creativity, increased focus and ability to concentrate, enhances athletic ability, promotes better overall moods, and helps with better sleep.




Cognomovement Sessions are approximately 90 minutes (can be more or less) This modality can also be done through Zoom anywhere in the world.

They can be focused on changing an overwhelming emotion, a physical sensation, cravings, achieving goals and much more. Change happens in just one session.


Want to experience cognomovement with two or more people? For team building, strengthening family connections, business meetings, and social gatherings. It's a positive experience all of your guests will remember. Contact Coral for details.


Come to Cedar Yoga Space. Every Monday from 6:30-7:30pm at 736 North Main Street Cedar City, Utah. Your first time is free.

Cognomovement Intensive

Multiple sessions in one day or multiple sessions over a series of days. Consultation Required. This is only for those who have done somatic work to release issues or some other similar modality previously.

Healing Hike Experience

Set within Beautiful Southern Utah, true desert serenity awaits you in service of your wellbeing journey. For beginning to confident Explorer level hikers. Hiking as a form of exercise stimulates neurogenesis, which is the growth of new neurons combined with Cognomovement provides ultimate brain fitness and stress release.

What to expect in this three hour healing experience guided by Coral Simpson
*Organic snacks and water provided
*Full Cognomovement Session
*Short Meditation
*30 minute hike in and 30 minute hike out

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About Coral

Becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Cognomovement Practitioner has given me the understanding that no two stories are alike and we are truly all doing the best we know how, always. This work has given me the skill set to assist people in making amazing changes in their lives. From the deepest despair to complete joy. It has also strengthened my own relationships, and each day I become more whole than the last. I am a genuinely curious and accepting person and I absolutely love what I do!

I currently reside in beautiful Southern Utah. I love hanging out with my family, spending time alone in nature, hiking, gardening, music, exploring, and enjoying all Life has to offer.